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Manufacturing Processes

ImageCookson Boats has progressed through the generations of composite construction techniques. Initially, modified systems for traditional wet lay up processes with vacuum consolidation were used followed by subsequent development of in-house wet prepreg systems.

Full Epoxy Prepreg Systems
While these earlier systems are still used today, construction of custom high-tech racing yachts combines refined methodologies in the use of a range of epoxy prepregnated standard modulus or high modulus carbon fibres. A low temperature cure epoxy resin system is used in the construction of large components. 

Vacuum Resin Infusion
Implementation of Vacuum Resin Infusion for semi production yachts such as the Cookson 50 has demonstrated its benefits in significant cost and weight savings, improved component quality, mechanical performance and working conditions.
For Vacuum Resin Infusion, the foam cores are thermo formed in purpose built moulds.

Quality and Assurance
Linked to Cookson Boats manufacturing processes is their in depth QA process whereby laminate panels are tested and procedures are written for the construction of each component. In association with the engineered technological advances from the Design teams, Cookson Boats is constantly researching and refining composite construction technology. Cookson Boats is driven by the quest for excellence in the construction of high-tech, top performance racing yachts.

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